41 year old teacher dating former student

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Kristy Sanches-Trujillo was 33-years-old and a 7th grade social studies teacher at Jimmy Carter Middle School when she fell for her 13-year-old student.

According to Albuquerque police, Sanchez-Trujillo repeatedly had sex with a 13 year old boy that she described as being "more experienced than any man she's had sex with.

The age of consent in Texas is 18, but there's a law forbidding teachers from having sexual relationships with students regardless of their age.

The grand jury refused to find her guilty of an improper relationship with a student since the text messages colored their relationship as endearing and flirtatious, but she did lose her teacher credentials.

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An anonymous probably jealous source reported the relationship to the police.They disappeared together later on in the day, after the texts, but were found the next morning.Dickey was found sleeping in her car and the boy was found in a local mall, probably celebrating, right? Beth Geisel taught at the Christian Brothers Academy in New York a private Catholic school.She was fired, and later arrested, for having a sexual relationship with a 16 year old male.Then again for having sexual contact with three different 16 year old male students on a Florida school trip where she became so intoxicated she couldn't stand.

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