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A screening mammogram appointment usually takes 15-20 minutes.

Women are advised to wear a two-piece outfit and not wear deodorant or powder which can show up on the mammograms.

Midwifery Coalition of Nova Scotia The Midwifery Coalition believes that midwifery provides the highest standard of care for mothers, babies and families; that it is an important part of maternity care and is a choice that should be available to families in Nova Scotia.

The Coalition is working to have midwifery accepted as part of Nova Scotia's health system and to have midwifery care covered by MSI.

Membership is a mix of breast cancer survivors, friends, and supporters from across the province who believe that human health is being harmed by toxic substances- including known and suspected carcinogens - in our homes, workplaces and the environment-at-large.

The site includes downloadable documents on carcinogens, and links to other cancer prevention resources.

In addition to their web site, CHWN has a toll-free information line at 1-888-818-9172.

La Leche League Canada is an affiliate of La Leche League International, the world's most widely recognized resource for breastfeeding.

Caregivers Nova Scotia works with caregivers, communities, organizations and agencies, governments, and the corporate sector to establish programs and supports for caregivers in Nova Scotia. All are welcome; we have something for everyone no matter what your age, gender or sexual orientation.

Victorian Order of Nurses (VON Canada) is revitalizing its bilingual website,, that is dedicated to providing more answers, quickly and easily, to family caregivers, to better support them in their vital caregiving role. Health Canada A number if important and useful links to help you live a full and healthy life that included emotional, social, cultural, spiritual and physical well-being Health Canada : Women's Health Strategy Connect from here to the Federal government's women's health strategy, as well as to the various Centres of Excellence for Women's Health across the country.

Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women in Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS) CAAWS is a national not-for-profit organization founded in 1981.

CAAWS works in partnership with Sport Canada and with Canada's sport and active living communities to achieve gender equity in the sport community.

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