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But Burke’s lawyer blasted the show and said that no new evidence had been analysed by the team.Mr Wood said: “The police investigated the case in 1999 and said he was not even a possible suspect. “It is unconscionable conduct for CBS to have posed this permanent stain on the young boy’s reputation.” Last week Burke broke his silence on the killing in an interview with US TV psychologist Phil Mc Graw.And they did it in a fashion which was totally misleading.” In a statement, CBS defended the Jon Benet Ramsey show.It said: “The Case of: Jon Benet Ramsey was meticulously and responsibly researched, and its information was responsibly presented.Another regular was Ute chief Colorow, whose tribe members were known as pesky beggars to the white settlers.Although Colorow and other Utes in the area were removed after the Meeker Massacre of 1879, he did leave a legacy.

During the ranch's heyday, a number of well-known Colorado natives frequented Ken Caryl, including the notorious Civil War butcher John Chivington.He was just nine when his six-year-old sibling Jon Benet was discovered strangled to death in the basement of their family home in Boulder, Colorado.A team of experts – including a British ex-Scotland Yard behavioural analyst – claimed she was accidentally killed by her brother in a squabble over a piece of pineapple.THE brother of child murder victim Jon Benet Ramsey has offered to take a lie detector test to prove his innocence - but only if asked by cops.TV investigators this week concluded that the 29-year-old was responsible for the death of his beauty pageant queen sister, in a murder-mystery which has captivated the world for 20 years.

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