Dating lefton ceramics

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As long as I’ve been collecting vintage, I’ve heard of and seen Lefton but had no idea where they started.I once had a great Miss Priss teapot in the shop by the same company. There are other pieces in this line out there, too.Once the war was over, it was Nunome who helped George develop relationships with china produced in Occupied Japan.In 1946, the first of many pieces of Lefton China arrived in the United States.When I turned down the final street there were cars lined up and down the grass edge.When I went inside the house, however, the place was so big, I felt like there were only a few people in the house. The colors on this piece are really rich and I love the brass handle.Let me know if you had a piece of Lefton that brings back memories!

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Another hint is that between 19 you might find the words “Reg. I don’t find every manufacturer in it, but it is quite extensive.Often times these special items take time to find and collect, and can be very expensive unless one has inside information and can find a great deal.Either way, no matter how they are obtained, collectibles are a great addition to any person's home.These roads were not heavily traveled I realized as I had to stop for some beautiful chickens crossing the narrow, curvy road.I love chickens by the way; their colors and attitude plus their wide diversity in looks.

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