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He began to publish reports on the events, and wrote many illustrated articles for many UFO publications.Disenchanted with the dearth of detail on contact events reported in books and journals of the time, he began preparing detailed reports of his own investigations.― Four planes of matter finer than the gaseous-physical. The lowest level of Venus supporting "life" and is then one step up from our present Earth-level of "matter to fight with". Stevens and the pseudonym of Edward James have made an ebook of EJ's experiences, and WS says that EJ took contact to him about his ETcontact in march -81.Like many others he was contacted in the early 60ths: it happened feb62 while he was a 17y student in high school in Miami.The word civilisation is not quite fitting to describe non-physical beings.

It first began by ufo-observations, and developed to physical meetings: 3-5 in a month. He was then educated on higher principles, and on cosmic life on other, partly invisible for us - levels.(Surely because these are more open to such unfamiliar things - and I suppose they are just in earlier lifetimes and in the astral realms - been prepared for those happenings in just this lifetime).All is in fact only vibrations, as "matter" is not compact or solid.(link to norwegian girls report of such- now living in Sweden - that I know personally).- Site of Wendell Stevens: Stevens (once an usaf-pilot) is one of (or just THE ONE) most serious and important ufo-investigators in the last half a century, and began his own research and collection effort, eventually amassing the largest private collection of UFO photographs in the world.

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