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Why buy new hardware when you can use hardware you already own with free software?Shoot OFF runs on Windows, Mac, or Linux, just install the latest version of Java (minimum Java 8 update 40).If you have additional questions, you can contact Technical Services at (770) 432-1202. Dry fire drills are an excellent way to improve your sight alignment, sight picture, and trigger control skills.

We can also always use help in advertising Shoot OFF: tell a friend about the project, help a relative set-up Shoot OFF, or post about your experience with the project on your favorite forum! We suggest donating to Project Appleseed or your local civil rights organization instead.A more complete list of hardware for laser dry fire training is available on our wiki here.This project was started in response to the large number of expensive, unreliable, and primitive hardware products sold online to act as targets for laser dry fire training. Only use high quality commercially manufactured ammunition in the same caliber as your Glock pistol. Do not use reloaded, remanufactured, or handloaded ammunition because it may not meet applicable SAAMI, CIP or NATO standards and could cause death, serious personal injury, or property damage.

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