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Empirical forecasting of flood discharges on the basis of rainfall and of the physical and morphological characteristics of the catchment.Application of the method to some catchments of the Ligurian Apennines.Prepared for the joint meeting of the United States National Committee of the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage and the Irrigation and Drainage Division of the ASCE, El Paso, Texas, Dec. Investigation for reduction of maintenance dredging in Charleston Harbor, S.C.: Prototype investigation, Part 2 - Materials Testing Laboratory investigation of properties of shoals and materials in movement, Vol. Report on research related to petroleum and natural gas production for the period Jan.1-Dec.31, 1956, Departments of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, Geophysics and Geochemistry, Mineralogy, and Geology.Interaction of rotating elements of the boundary layer with grains of a bed; a contribution to the problem of the threshold of sediment transportation, Paper submitted to the Symposium on Non-Newtonian Fluids in Science and Engineering, Division of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry of the American Chenical Society, Pittsburgh, Pa., Dec. du Conseil international de recherches, Union geodesique et Geophysique internationale, Section d'hydrologie scientifique, Venice 1930. The determination of the volume of silt in the Wabash River and the technique of silt measurement.

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Application for Production Sharing Agreement: an application for an agreement between a company and the Philippine Government under which the government grants to the company the exclusive right to conduct mining operations, such as smaller-scale exploration, development and utilization of mineral resources within the contract area, but title is reserved to the governmentany treatment of sewage that goes beyond the secondary or biological water treatment stage and includes the removal of nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen and a high percentage of suspended portion of an Index of Biotic Integrity that is a metric measuring species abundance and condition, including proportion of individuals as hybrids and proportion of individuals with disease, tumors, physical damage, or physical anomalies.A vertebrate hormone that lowers blood glucose levels by promoting the uptake of glucose by most body cells and the synthesis and storage of glycogen in the liver; also stimulates protein and fat synthesis; secreted by endocrine cells of the pancreas called islets of Langerhans.Interleukin-1, a chemical regulator (cytokin) secreted by macrophages that have ingested a pathogen or foreign molecule and have bound with a helper T cell; stimulates T cells to grow and divide and elevates body temperature A device intended for the protection of personal that functions to de-energize a circuit or portion thereof within an established period of time when a current to ground exceeds some predetermined value that is less than required to operate the overcurrent protection device of the supply circuit.A circuit, such as conductors in conduit or a busway run, which carries a large block of power from the service equipment to a sub-feeder panel or a branch circuit panel or to some point at which the block power is broken into smaller circuits.A process that is attached to the Shared Page Cache that performs one of a number of maintenance tasks: free frame management (Free Frame Page Servers), page management (AIO Page Servers), and local communication on behalf of remote gems.

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