Seriøse dating sider Hedensted

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Vi vil fastslå, at det er virksomhedens ansvar at kommunikere det endelig budskab samt fordelene ved samkørselssystemet fincle ud til deres medarbejdere på en måde, så de er klar over fincle s eksistens og fordele.Derfor vil vi i denne opgave ikke udarbejde en konkret kommunikationsplan for virksomheder, men i stedet udarbejde grundlæggende undersøgelser og analyser til udarbejdelsen af en kommunikationsplan.Randers Regionshospital enquires Webloftet to further develop fincle specifically to their needs and uses with the purpose of pursuing an early implementation at the hospital, which is expected to be a significant part of the solution to the present problem.

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Furthermore we include barriers, advantages and competition regarding fincle as well as value propositions, brand-customer relationship and the goal of the communication plan.

The problem statement for this thesis is thereby as following: With focus on general consideration about consumer behaviour, target groups and communication planning, we would like to examine and evaluate how Webloftet should - 2 - customize fincle to Randers Regionshospital and thereby achieve optimal profit for the coordination system?

To solve the above mentioned problem statement, Preben Septrup s model about communication planning will be used in order to create a basic frame structure to divide the various analyses within the thesis.

The prospect of closing down several parking spaces, in the process of establishing a new scheduled parking basement, is expected to further deteriorate the situation.

So fare the solutions proposed to solve this issue has been insufficient and unsatisfactory to the primary decision maker which had lead Randers Regionshospital to contact the IT company Webloftet.

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