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You can’t pop into any computer repair shop with your Debian rig and get help.

The only help you’re going to get is through Linux forums, IRC channels, mailing lists, and occasionally fantastic Linux blogs such as . I fix my own computers, and vastly prefer talking via typed messages over the Internet, than in person or over the telephone. But for many, this is horrible and a valid reason to avoid Linux.

All these pointless competing products make it difficult for Linux promoters to make clear recommendations, and make it difficult for newcomers to figure out what the hell is going on. The current version of Ubuntu runs slower on my powerful gaming desktop than 8.04 (Hardy Heron) did on my then old Pentium 4 laptop.

While you can run Linux on a wider variety of exotic systems than its competitors, it often chokes on common hardware. Many hardware manufacturers don’t provide support for Linux, so developers are left to reverse engineer support. You can’t simply purchase video card that plugs into your computer. There’s a good chance that will give you some trouble. I hope it doesn’t require any special drivers or software to get the pictures off. It’s kind of sad that I no longer notice any performance difference between the most recent version of Fedora and Windows. I feel like an i Phone salesman apologizing for an i OS update that crippled everyone’s old i Phone. I am an engineering student, and I absolutely need Windows. Everyone keeps saying how great Libre Office is, but for many tasks, Microsoft Office is the only way to go.

Once you start getting out of servers, supercomputers, or strictly generic web surfing desktops, the software choices are poor at best. There were a few open source games that, while fun, were nothing compared to the Call of Dutys, Battlefields, Skyrims, and Grand Theft Autos of the day.

Yes, there were a handful of people that they got their game working on Wine by spending 3 days configuring it and accepting defeat on certain features. Let’s put aside the moral, ethical, and philosophical aspect (I’ll get to that in a minute), and deal strictly in reality.

There are now a handful of distributions that work straight out of the box for most people, and setting them up is only slightly more difficult than a recent copy of Windows.

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Today, to the chagrin of Linux fanboys everywhere, I will explore the other side of the issue with 11 reasons the average desktop user would want to avoid Linux. In no particular order, here are 11 reasons Linux sucks. Sure, once you are familiar with Linux and its idiosyncrasies, it’s not hard to use. As with several of the upcoming entries, this problem isn’t as severe as it was a few years ago.Now, Gnome Shell, KDE, Cinnamon, Unity, XFCE, MATE, and LXDE are all desktop environments… Why start Cinnamon from the ground up when some configuration tweaks to Gnome Shell could have accomplished the same thing? How about the much-lauded Wayland and Mir display server? Don’t get me wrong, I believe competition is great.What major feature does Mir have that Wayland does not? But only when a competitor improves upon the other’s limitations.In order to get that lightweight, snappy feeling back in my computer, I need to use a distro built on simplicity and speed, such as Crunch Bang, or use a barebones distro such as Arch and add in everything myself. But it’s no longer a given that it will rocket past Windows and OS X like it used to. Okay, they don’t exactly suck, particularly since most of them are free. Linux programs for computer aided engineering are garbage compared to the competition like Auto CAD, Solid Works, and Catia. You can not do serious, professional video editing on a Linux rig. Complex Excel operations do not transfer over to Calc. And outside Libre Office, Evolution and Zimbra are not suitable replacements for Microsoft Outlook in even the smallest enterprise setting.And there is no sign this will change any time soon. Linux can not replace Windows or OS X for many people because the software is so lacking.

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