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‘The net result is that our poor liver has more than it can cope with, so the toxins stay in our bodies, mostly stored in fat cells, which are hard to shift – intractable weight gain is another symptom of chronic toxicity.‘The detox questionnaire I filled out beforehand indicated I wasn’t processing toxins efficiently – my continual tiredness and allergic rhinitis gave the game away.

In the two weeks leading up to the retreat I had to gradually cut out caffeine, sugar, alcohol, wheat and dairy, and drink hot water with liver-stimulating fresh lemon juice first thing.

Used in various ways in different cuisines, the tree’s fruit may be candied and eaten as a snack, pickled, smoked, or made into tea and even into wine.

An aromatic perennial plant native to the Indian subcontinent, tulsi is grown for religious and medical purposes — it is known as Thai holy basil and revered as the elixir of life within Hinduism.

Traditionally it has been used as a herbal cure for anxiety, fatigue, anaemia, impotence, infections, headache, and depression related to stress.

People have also used it to increase physical endurance, work performance, longevity, and improve their resistance to altitude sickness.

I was resigned to waking whey-faced every morning with classic run-down symptoms – a twitching eyelid and a cut in the corner of my mouth that never heals.’ But a four-day detox at Yeotown, a luxurious new holistic retreat near Barnstaple, Devon, has changed her life, she says.

Here’s her report::'Toxins aren’t just about what we put in our bodies,' Yeotown’s nutritionist Hazel Radford told me.

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Ashwagandha is part of the nightshade family and has long been used in ayurvedic medicine to combat stress, fatigue, lack of energy and to treat problems with concentration.It’s the root which is used in cooking — both as a vegetable (it is similar to radishes and turnips) and it can also be dried and used to create a maca flour.It has been used both to improve semen quality and to remedy symptoms of menopause.Celebrity fitness trainer Rhian Stephenson offers adaptogenic smoothies containing maca at her hip fitness studio chain Psycle London, which counts Victoria Beckham and Liv Tyler among its clients.‘There’s a real buzz around adaptogens, but they’re not hippy dippy ingredients,’ says Rhian, who’s also a nutritionist and naturopathic doctor.‘They are quite heavily researched, with studies showing how and why they work to reduce stress hormones in your body.’According to GP and nutritionist Dr Sarah Brewer, they work by helping the body modify its stress response.

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